Nothing makes a steep uphill slog better than someone to share the pain with. And even if your goal is to backpack solo, creating a community of other backpackers will help you achieve your goals. 

Backpacking buddies are there to help you in everything from firsthand trail info to gear hacks. A supportive community will remind you that you can do hard things when you’re feeling resistance. And if a trip doesn’t go as planned, they’ll laugh with you about the mishaps because they’ve had their own.


Join me (and your peers) on a transformational adventure, where you will learn how to confidently go on your first ever (or perhaps your first solo) outdoor backpacking trip without the constant fear of getting lost, the crippling worry of being unprepared, and the lurking feeling that you lack the “know-how” and skills required to stay safe on the trails. Click below to be the first to know when my one-of-a-kind backpacking program re-opens again for enrollment!

Speaking of things that go wrong, it’s important to remember that failure is part of outdoor backpacking, no matter how experienced you are. You can do all your research and planning, but your sleeping pad will spring a leak. Or a stray thunderstorm will leave you soaked. Or you’ll sprain your ankle. Or the campsite you planned on will turn out not to be perfect.

Just because things go wrong on a backpacking trip doesn’t mean it was a failure. If you got out on the trail and tried, that is a huge success. So learn new backpacking skills from whatever didn’t go the way you planned, and take that hard-earned knowledge on your next adventure.


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