Just a little late weekend watch about how a community of mountain bikers can help bring up some of the best talent in the world. More than just inspiring us to get out and ride, it shows the power of a supportive local network of riders, family, and friends. Let’s ride…

From 805 Beer: A Letter To Aptos, the story of Ryan “R-Dog” Howard. R-Dog was born and raised in the small beach town of Aptos, California – just outside of Santa Cruz and home to some of the best mountain biking on offer and the grounds of the iconic Post Office. His passion was never really in racing as a kid.

For Ryan it was all about riding with style and poise. His all-for-fun mentality that he brings to every ride and his wide grom-like smile are inspiring others to hit the trails. Watch as we uncover how a small beach town and an empty dirt lot shaped Ryan into the person and the rider that he is. Bikes have taken him all over the world, but he always comes back home to the mountains of Aptos with a smile on his face.


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