Family life is a real juggling act, especially when it comes to healthy meals 

Life goes fast, some days it’s really hard to catch your breath. Add chaos of kids and suddenly life for a family can be a real juggling act. How then can we get good wholesome foods while budgeting time and resources? This is the never ending question in the minds of busy parents, but truly applicable to any and every individual. Time… oh time! 

Now don’t fret, in most instances, good planning and organization can help you buy, wash, chop/slice, and sort in nice colorful containers all the fruits and vegetables, like you are one good looking Martha Steward. Listening to a podcast while you are doing this mundane task,  can really help it attain a whole new meaning and purpose- AKA not such a boring, doing-nothing task. When you are tied for time, you sure will be thankful you can grab a container and be able to add fruit, veggies and beautiful color to your plate. But until then, there’s a lot we can do to improve nutrition for less.  

Need a time-out from food-prep and yet trying to find a way to make take-out healthier?  

I find for some people the real struggle comes on the nights when we just need a time-out from food prep and the kitchen. In this case getting fruit in is not so difficult because you can pick, wash, bite and chew, hooray! But getting veggies in can seems like climbing Mount Everest. For instance, take Friday night when you come home exhausted and think “mmm what’s for dinner?” Having no plan set and no desire to get the kitchen dirty you think “it’s a pizza night”. Some people force themselves to order a vegetarian to get some veggies all in one bite. At our house, however, Hawaiian and pepperoni or simple cheese pizza are the go-to favs. This means if we indulge we will have a veggie-free dinner. For one night, that’s ok; but if your house is anything like mine, where pizza night can come once a week, adding variety, color and balance in the most easy, thoughtless way possible is a real bonus.  


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