Grizzly bears used to inhabit the Sawtooth range, but are now locally extinct.

As always, be bear aware in the backcountry and practice preventing encounters by keeping your food in bear cans or hanging them from trees if you’re overnight camping in the area, and always, always, pack out anything you pack in.

Learning how to prevent and properly respond to animal encounters in the wild is an absolutely essential skill to learn in the backcountry, and one of many key skills we teach in my backpacking program, Become an Outdoor Backpacking Badass.


This may or may not be an issue for you when you hit the trails to hike Alice Lake, but we ran into quite a few bees during our time in Idaho. Maybe it was a particularly busy time for bees when we visited, but they were obvious, buzzing, and not shy to explore.

They seemed particularly interested in hanging out around the hood of our car when we were getting our backpacking stuff ready.

Just be prepared, and if you’re allergic to bees, take extra precautions to avoid them (and bring your EpiPen) or find another trail.

Also, avoid wearing dark colors and and the color red – these colors may be seen as a threat to bees and can make them more aggressive. Of course, my backpack was bright red, so I was just all sorts of the wrong color for not attracting bees, haha!

Again, maybe this isn’t the norm for the area, but it was what we experienced. We never got stung, but I was definitely on edge around the parking lot where they were congregating. We ran into less bees on the trail itself.


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