Tern Launches the Short Haul

Tern launches the Short Haul today. The Short Haul is a practically-priced bike designed to get a rider, plus an extra passenger and cargo, from home to work, to school, and everywhere in between.

Tern Launches the Short Haul
Tern Launches the Short Haul


Tern Short Haul in Burnt Orange
Tern Short Haul in Burnt Orange

The Short Haul is our vision of how a bicycle designed for urban transportation should look.

said Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain.

It’s shorter and easier to handle than a regular bike, but it’ll carry much more. It’s the perfect bike for people who want the function of a quality cargo bike but are working within a budget. It’s simple but very capable.

The Short Haul is a sister platform to the recently launched Quick Haul. That model is additionally equipped with a Bosch electric drivetrain.

I’m happy to see development continue on bikes without motors.


With a max gross vehicle weight of 140 kg (308 lb), the Short Haul will carry an extra passenger and plenty of cargo. The bike’s extra-long, extra-strong rear rack is rated to carry a hefty 50 kg (110 lb). A parent can configured it carry a child in a child seat, an older kid, or even a small adult. The optional front-mounted rack will carry up to 20 kg (44 lb).

Park the bike vertically as needed and as a premium band, the latest from Tern, is built up with the best components. The extra long wheelbase and low center of gravity means a stable ride. That’s also nimble and fun.

Tern launches the Short Haul Pricing and Availability

At $1099/€1249, the Short Haul is Tern’s most affordable cargo bike yet. Bikes will start arriving in stores Q3/2022.

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