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Today I’m joined by Dr. Vincent Pedre, the Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health. He’s a Functional Medicine-Certified Practitioner in private practice in New York City, and he believes that the gut is the gateway to excellent wellness.

Together, we’re exploring the amazing topography of the gut microbiome and all the essential functions this amazing system performs for us – as well as how we can support our gut for optimal function. Find out the best foods to eat for good gut health, and how to support your immune system, reduce inflammation, and enjoy a happy, healthy digestive system for years to come.

More about our guest: Dr. Vincent Pedre is the Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health and Founder of Dr. Pedre Wellness, nutraceutical consultant for NatureMD and Orthomolecular Products, CEO of Happy Gut Life LLC, and a Functional Medicine-Certified Practitioner in private practice in New York City since 2004.

He believes the gut is the gateway to excellent wellness. As the bestselling author of “HAPPY GUT®—The Cleansing Program To Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Eliminate Pain,” featuring his proprietary ‘blueprint’ for healing the gut, the Gut C.A.R.E.® Program—he has helped thousands around the world resolve their gut-related health issues.

From his site:

“I believe that the way I treat a patient should be the same way I would want a family member treated by their doctor. I use the same philosophy when screening for specialists.

My number one criteria is: Would I send a loved one to see this specialist? In other words, would I entrust the care of a family member to this specialist?

This is my care philosophy and how I approach medicine. Everything else follows from there.”


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

Meet Dr. Vincent Pedre [0:58]

The biology of a healthy gut [5:35]

  • Where your gut begins
  • The critical juncture of protein breakdown
  • Where fat digestion begins
  • How each zone of the digestive process has a different microbiome
  • Where most of our nutrients are absorbed
  • The size of your small intestine
  • The size of your large intestine
  • The importance of the gut bacteria to blood sugar regulation, calorie consumption and fat storage
  • The importance of stomach acid
  • SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and bloating

Befriending our body’s systems for better health [11:53]

  • How stress and emotions can impact our gut and digestion
  • What to do if you feel your body is betraying you
  • Your body is designed to run well when given the right input
  • Understanding how you can work with your body
  • How the rules of the game change as you age
  • The consequences of indulging over time
  • A reframe for thinking about how to fuel yourself to support your gut

Home Workout Domination [18:15]

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Bloating and weight gain and what they can signify [19:31]

  • Identifying pattern with your poop
  • Signs that your gut is happy
  • Signs that your gut isn’t happy
  • What symptoms leaky gut comes with
  • What bloating and burping may signify
  • What some mood disorders may signify
  • Where 90% of your melatonin is produced
  • Where some sugar cravings may be coming from

How overusing antibiotics can impact the health of your gut [25:40]

  • Dr. Pedre’s personal experience with being overprescribed antibiotics as a teen
  • Increased sensitivity to foods
  • The detriment to the immune system
  • The potential for an increase in inflammation
  • The potential for yeast overgrowth
  • The importance of a balanced approach in the prescription of antibiotics
  • Dr. Pedre’s focus on the restoration process of gut care

Breaking down gluten and dairy and why this is challenging for some people [30:11]

  • What gluten and dairy are broken down into and their effect on the body
  • How some people feel after removing dairy and gluten from their diet
  • How zonulin impacts gut permeability
  • Explaining the gut lining and how leaky gut occurs
  • How people develop food sensitivities
  • Explaining the difference between Celiac’s disease and gluten sensitivity
  • The results of studies done on gluten senstivity
  • The three components necessary for an autoimmune disease to begin
  • What I’ve noticed in removing gluten and dairy from my eating programs
  • The practices of soaking, sprouting and fermenting
  • Dr. Pedre’s 28-Day Gut Reboot
  • Dr. Pedre’s experimentation with taking gluten out of his diet
  • How certain dairy products may not bother you as much as others

How to increase diversity in the gut microbiome [42:18]

  • The importance of making as much of our own food as we can
  • Results of the Multiomics clinical trial that compared a high fiber diet and a diet high in fermented foods
  • The importance of diversity in the gut microbiome
  • How fiber is metabolized by the gut and the impact it has on the immune system
  • How fermented foods impact inflammatory markers

The Body Fuel System [47:10]

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Probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes [48:40]

  • Asking the right question: how to bring the body into balance
  • Dr. Pedre’s concept of “weeding, seeding and feeding”
  • What prebiotics are
  • How to approach supplementing with prebiotics, and what to watch out for
  • Various ways to approach probiotics
  • How probiotics can act on the gut microbiome
  • How dogs can improve the diversity of the gut microbiome
  • Examples of digestive enzymes and their uses

Potential complications of a copper IUD [40:15]

  • Side effects of a copper IUD for some women
  • Ease of removing an IUD vs surgical removal of Essure
  • Birth control is a personal choice, but it should be an informed choice

How resting the digestive system between meals can be beneficial [55:59]

  • Why I don’t recommend “intermittent fasting” for women
  • The difference between IF as a diet and the rest we take from eating between dinner and breakfast
  • How snacking between meals may not allow your digestive system to rest properly
  • The importance for fueling for your activities
  • Our association with sugar and dessert

Some great foods to incorporate for a happier gut [1:00:00]

  • How to approach incorporating fermented foods
  • How to approach eating raw vegetables
  • The importance of a varied diet
  • The importance of omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fat
  • The value of decreasing sugar consumption

This Week’s Challenge(s) [1:02:48]

Log your food, bowel movements and symptoms.

Keep a running log for 2 weeks, and become curious about the patterns that emerge.

Dr. Pedre’s Free Guide: Top 10 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Gut

Coming up next: I’m looking forward to sharing our next episode with you, where I’m having a conversation with Dr. Michael Breus, otherwise known as America’s Sleep Doctor. You may already be familiar with his work from seeing him on shows like Dr. Oz, CNN, Oprah, the doctors, or any number of TV programs or heard of his bestselling book, the power of when he’s the go-to sleep expert that the experts turn to. I have lots of questions for him and look forward to sharing this great conversation with you!

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