by Igor

When the new Growtac Brakes came in, we knew we needed to do a special Pass Hunter build – something classic, sophisticated, and useful. And this has it has it all: Campagnolo, loads of silver, and hints of brown.

Don’t let the fenders and racks fool you – this is a rocket ship!

Speaking of, Connor did a bang-up job mounting the fenders and front and rear racks together in a very Constructeur style. It makes the connection rock solid over rougher terrain.

Peep those cut down aluminum alloy tubes for the screws.

These new tire offerings from Conti have a very nice ride and feel. They also have a classic tread design that would look at home on any classic rando or roadie. They would even class up any modern, big tube carbon roadie. Should we bring some in? We have some of the other Conti gravel offerings on personal rides and they are really nice.

Nothing is lighter than a hole, right? It’s pretty fun seeing the frame’s paint through the Drillium chainrings holes.
Oh those hubs! Obviously I’m a bit biased, but I think our hubs match their superb looks with excellent function. 

Lastly, pedals! I’ll admit it’s been several years since I rode with Road Pedals, Toe Clips, and Straps. While they’re fun and look really nice, they don’t really work with the style of sneaker I usually wear. I’ll stick with my Sabots (more are coming in 1.5 months).

Scott managed to find a single VO Toe Clip Button in his bin of little bits. They’re great for pulling your strap tight once you get going on the road, but they’re not so great for making any money. Hence why you won’t find them on the site any longer.


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