It’s summertime and you want to get a “shredded summer body” ? No prob… you’ve got this! Just follow this plan of action and you will discover amazing results!

The plan of action will consist of committing to three things: a resistance training routine using the Total Gym and your body weight, timed cardio such as walking or running, and being mindful of your diet. It’s quite simple and with a little dedication, consistency, and the right mindset, you will achieve your summer shred!


Summer is here and we have no time to waste. No matter what shape you are in now, let’s call this your baseline and let’s get ready to go! You will start with a basic total body circuit with a resistance and reps you feel comfortable with, then it’s up to you to increase your resistance level, change your body positions on the glide board to increase intensity, and add reps as you get stronger!


Your diet will make a difference to how effective your training will translate to lean muscle transformation. But you don’t have to change everything you eat. Just improve what you’re already doing by following a few guidelines that will keep you on track while you burn fat and get stronger. You’ll be amazed with the results!

Key guidelines to achieve your summer shed:

– Consume real foods. Nothing processed in boxes, bags, or cans.
– Add veggies (raw or cooked) to everything…greens especially are packed with nutrients, fiber to fill you, help cleanse your system, and can either be eaten raw, juiced, or mixed into a smoothie
– Stick with lean proteins and refrain from grains, carbs, sugars, fried foods, and dairy

There’s no magic solution, but smart eating habits really do give you the right fuel and nutrition to burn away fat as you train hard to achieve your summer body shred.


Your Total Gym is the perfect equipment to target various muscle groups while simultaneously challenging your strength and cardiovascular system. The Shredder Workout is a total body circuit that focuses on targeting all major muscle groups. It’s an efficient routine that easily transitions from one exercise to the next to keep the workout going at a strong pace.

You will be committing to a 6-day cycle focused to help you burn fat, build strength, and lean muscle mass. This circuit will be performed in conjunction with body weight exercises and cardio sessions of your choice. The details are all provided for you below.


TG Shredder Circuit (Days 1, 3, and 5)
-aim for 10-15 reps, 2-3 sets
-execute good form to get the best results
-adjust incline to keep your muscles challenged
-feel free to add in other exercises to the circuit

Bodyweight Exercises (Days 2, 4, and 6)
-perform 20 reps at a controlled pace or set a timer app to perform each exercise for approximately 45 seconds ON / 15 seconds OFF to recover
-repeat 2-3 sets in reps or HIIT format

Cardio Sessions (At least twice per week)
-sweat it out with cardio you can commit to
-aim for 2-3 days / week (more if your time permits)
-20-30 min will do the trick

Accessory : Cables
Incline : Medium-High level suggested. Always adjust to accommodate your strength and adapt your body positions on the glide board to increase the challenge.


1. Chest Press
2. Single Arm Row (seated/ kneeling)
3. Bicep Curls (seated/ kneeling)
4. Tricep Extensions (kneeling)
5. Torso Rotations R/L (seated/ kneeling)
6. Incline Double Crunch
7. Straight Leg Lowers


1. Bodyweight Squats +Jump Squats
2. Alternating Lunges +Power Lunges
3. Push-ups (parallel, wide, triangle)
4. Mountain Climbers


(Choose any type of cardio you prefer)
• Jogging
• Sprint Intervals
• Biking
• Rollerblading
• Swimming

Check out the video to see how these exercises are performed on your Total Gym.

Train hard and the results will come.

Your Coach,
Mark Scally


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