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La Sportiva TX Hike Mid GTX Review


La Sportiva TX Hike Mid GTX boots are lightweight waterproof/breathable hiking mids with mesh uppers, a soft and sticky sole like a trail runner, Vibram lugs like a hiking boot, and a lacing system like a mountaineering boot. While I normally shun such hybrid product constructions, these mids are really outstanding for hiking in mountainous terrain and provide an excellent balance of protection and agility. They have a well-protected toe kick and heel box and have a surprisingly spacious toe box, both in terms of width and height. Surprising, because in my experience these are areas where La Sportiva shoes are usually quite cramped.

Specs at a Glance

  • Gender: Available for men and women
  • Sizes 34-49.5 (EU)
  • Weight: 16.2 oz (460g) / shoe (men’s 44 EU)
  • Waterproof/breathable: Yes, Gore-tex Extended Comfort
  • Lug depth: 5mm
  • Drop: 10mm
  • Can be resoled: Yes!


The La Sportiva TX Hike Mid GTX boots are true to size although they have a noticeably wide and high volume toe box so you toes have plenty of room to splay out and relax. There’s isn’t a separate wide model size in this boot; its just how they’re normally sized. In addition to added width, the toe box is noticeably high, so the tops of your toes don’t rub against the inside. I’m experiencing this problem with another pair of boots I own, so this added toe box height provides a welcome relief.

La Sportiva sizes their footwear, including these TX Hike Mid GTX boots in European EU sizes, which are finer grained than US sizes which can be very helpful for dialing in a good fit. For example, I wear a 44EU men’s which is equivalent to something a “little larger” than a men’s 10.5 US size, while an EU 43 corresponds to a “small” 10.5 US size. While it may take some experimenting for you to switch sizing paradigms, it is a way to get a much better fit.

Toe Kick Protection
Toe Kick Protection


The uppers on these La Sportiva TX Hike Mid GTX boots are a durable mesh fabric for breathability with a rigid heel box and tpu overlays for protection along the sides. The front toe kick is also well protected with additional tpu overlays along the sides. The tongue is gusseted to ankle height for added water protection but lightly padded and quite comfortable even if you crank the laces down.

The lacing system uses a special ankle lock loop that can be optionally used to lock your heel into position and eliminate heel lift and the blisters that it can cause. There are two loops on either side of the ankle that you can run the laces through, much like you would on a mountaineering boot. This extra ankle support, in addition to the wide toe box, makes these boots very stable and helps reduce any tendency to rolling your ankle on uneven terrain.

Side lacing loops help to secure the ankles and prevent heel lift
Side lacing loops help to secure the ankles and prevent heel lift.

The outsoles are made by Vibram with a slightly modified waffle-stomper lug pattern that incorporates La Sportiva’s impact brake system, which are just lugs that have been reversed to improve stopping power. The sole, which is replaceable, is a soft flexible rubber, that gives the boots great traction and what you’d expect from a company known for its climbing shoes.The soles have a slight rocker in the front to make them easy to hike with and the arch is deep enough to secure a gaiter strap. But the sole under the ball of the foot is well protected from sharp rocks, much like a trail runner with a rock plate.

The heel is also well protected with a reflective pull up strap
The heel is also well protected with a reflective pull up strap.

The boots come with the cheap foam Ortholite insoles that La Sportiva packages with their footwear. I’ve replaced mine with a Treadlab insole with a rigid arch and metatarsal pad but still have plenty of room inside the shoe for my toes. Treadlab sells footbeds in multiple thicknesses, which is nice, if you need to shim out the boots to reduce the interior room, since they are so spacious inside.

Waterproof/Breathable Membrane

The La Sportiva TX Hike Mid GTX boots are waterproof/breathable mids with a Gore-tex Extended Comfort membrane and mesh uppers which is very porous to help with breathability. There are many grades of Gore-tex, some more breathable than others, but this Extended Comfort membrane is one of the best performing and designed specifically for use in performance footwear.

Vibram outsole with a classic lug pattern
Vibram outsole with a classic lug pattern

So far I have no complaints with these boots in terms of breathability, but I haven’t hiked with them in 90 degree weather yet…although I may be tempted to try since they are so comfortable. La Sportiva does not offer this style without a Gore-tex membrane yet, but who knows, maybe they will eventually.


La Sportiva TX Hike Mid GTX boots are mids designed for hiking and backpacking in mountainous terrain. While they look like chunky hiking boots, they’re anything but, with the lightness of trail runners packaged as a mid-height boot. If you’ve been looking for a lightweight and nimble mid that provides ample protection and good breathability, I recommend you give the La Sportiva TX Hike Mid GTX boots a go. They require about 5 miles of break-in, but after that you’ll be off to the races. That said, you’ll notice the large volume of the forefoot as soon as you put them on and the benefit of the enhanced lacing system.

Disclosure: La Sportiva donated these mids for review.

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