If you’ve been keeping up with the full moon blog series, you’ll know that a full moon is a time of particularly powerful energy. Emotions can be heighted and desires can be manifested more easily, and you may feel more intuitive or extroverted. A full moon is the peak of energy through the lunar cycle, and as we reach this month’s full moon, we’re in for an even bigger shift. On June 14th 2022, we’ll experience a full super moon in the astrological sign of Saggitarius. The combination of a bigger, brighter moon and fiery Saggitarius energy means this full moon is one to connect to and make the most of.  

Mercury in Retrograde No More! 

If May was a particularly challenging month for you, it could have been because Mercury was in retrograde again! Mercury in retrograde is a period of time in which the planet Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky (although it doesn’t actually change direction). Mercury in retrograde gets astrologers in a spin, warning us of tricky times ahead. Throughout Mercury in retrograde, you may feel more stressed and anxious, as though there are more things ‘blocking’ your way in life, or a general sense of global uneasiness. Thankfully, Mercury in retrograde finished on June 3rd, and won’t occur again until September 2022, making this full moon one to celebrate! It’s time to move past obstacles, and into a more adventurous, successful time.  

Super Strawberry Moon 

The fact that this full moon is a super moon makes it even more potent than usual. A super moon occurs when the moon is closer to the earth than usual in its elliptical orbit, and has been linked to changes in human behaviour such as sleep walking, mood changes and heightened emotional states, as well as extreme tidal changes. Because of its enormous power then, this is a full moon to really embrace with one of our super full moon practices below. Also known as a Strawberry moon, this full moon occurs when the first Summer strawberries are ripening across the world, signalling a time to start consuming more local Summer fruits too.  

Full Moon in Saggitarius 

Each full moon is governed by a particular astrological sign, and this month it’s all about the fiery Saggitarius. This sign holds characteristics of adventure, curiosity, emotional intelligence, decision-making, independence and passion, so this could be the ideal time to get out of your comfort zone and explore somewhere more exotic, focus on your passion, or do something to increase your sense of inner strength and independence. The sign of Saggitarius is ruled over by the planet Jupiter, all about growth, abundance and mental expansion. As the season of Mercury in retrograde has passed, this full moon promises more adventure, manifestation and a time to move forward in life. Choose your favourite from our full super strawberry moon in Saggitarius practices below to feel the full moon energy this month.  

Journal Your Way To Manifestation

You may have heard the phrase often attributed to the Buddha; ‘What you think, you shall become’, and never is this more true than at a full moon (especially a super moon!). Our thoughts can indeed have a huge impact on our lives; our thoughts are electromagnetic waves of energy, and so by focusing the mind in a direction we want to go, we can manifest a future we want. As Jupiter governs the astrological sign ruling over this full moon, use its power of abundance to manifest your deepest desires by cultivating an attitude of abundance. Know you’re enough, act as though you’re enough, and journal on what it is you want to manifest so you can attract it to you. Journaling helps us get clear on the path we want to take, and focuses the mind in a positive direction. Use the Moleskine Wellness Journal to jot down your thoughts and turn them into reality.  

Let Loose & Move 

For thousands of years, the full moon has been a time of celebration and dancing, often throughout the entire night. While you don’t have to stay up until sunrise to appreciate the moon, you can lean into the fiery power of Saggitarius and move your body in a way that feels good to you. Whilst the new moon links to a sense of introspection and quietness, the full moon holds an extroverted and dynamic energy. Gather your friends for a full moon party, or simply move through a vinyasa flow yoga practice on the Manduka eKO light yoga mat, with a natural rubber grip perfectly suited to dynamic practice.    


Saggitarius signs usually love to explore new lands, so if you can travel to an exotic destination, June is the best time to do it according to this lunar cycle. Bring your Yogamatters eco travel mat and Geoganics spearmint mouthwash tablets , and you’re good to go! If physically travelling isn’t an option right now, you can explore closer to home by taking a different route to work, or using the Detours card deck by Kate Pocrass , with prompts to lead you to new and inspiring experiences, no matter the destination.  


The vibrant, uplifting energy of the full moon, combined with the adventure-loving side of Saggitarius and a newfound post-Mercury-in-retrograde season means the path is clear for new adventures. Much like traveling and exploring, your adventures don’t have to happen far away, as the School of Life Everyday Adventures teaches us. For many of us, our deepest urge is to experience life more fully, deeply, with more passion and excitement, but that isn’t always easy with responsibilities to manage too… Use the 60 card deck to help you choose pocket-size adventures for a life with more passion and excitement.   

Make Your Moon List 

After all the adventure and excitement, settle down to start your Moon Lists journal, structured around the phases of the moon. Remember that each different phase of the moon’s cycle is especially suited to different activities and practices; a waxing moon supports planning, whilst a waning moon supports finishing projects. Punctuated with references to 70s astrology, architecture and art, Moon Lists encourages those who journal to stop and reflect upon the precious moments in their lives before time passes them by. Use yours to make each lunar phase count.  

Emma is a 500hr qualified Yoga teacher, musician, massage therapist, cook, and writer. Having grown up surrounded by Yoga and meditation, Emma began her practice at a young age and has continued to study and develop her understanding of Yoga on a daily basis. Training internationally with inspirational teachers, Emma’s passions now lie primarily in philosophy and Yoga off the mat. Emma currently teaches regularly in Sussex, co-leading teacher trainings, retreats, workshops and kirtans, and also manages the Brighton Yoga Festival.


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