Chances are if you’re a fitness fanatic or are fans out there of strong, beautiful women, you’ve heard of the name Hope Beel. She is, after all, one of the most well-known influencers within the fitness community, most famous for her incredible physique and disciplined workout regimen. 


The fitness model and 2-time Fitness Gurls Physique of the Year winner is the only woman to ever graced the cover of our magazine a record 5-times. What an absolute honor it has been for us to feature her consistently, too. 


Hope Beel has become a household name on social media and in the fitness scene, reaching incredibly iconic status. She’s inspired a great many to live a healthy lifestyle with her presence and wealth of knowledge and passion for fitness.


Whether she was prepping for competitions back in the day or sharing workout tips on her socials, there’s no doubt about the fact that a love for fitness is at the center of her beating heart. Where she’s been most influential though in our humble opinion, of course, is by using her platform to shed the, quite frankly speaking terrible stigma attached to women in particular going to the gym and working out.


Photo by @victorozunna

For the longest time now there has existed this terribly weird myth that women lifting weights make them ‘manly’ which has in turn kept many a woman 10ft away from a pair of dumbbells and the entrance to their local gym. With Hope Beel’s incredible sense of style, finesse, and knowledgable approach to a fit and healthy lifestyle, she’s been absolutely successful in smashing that horrible myth to bits and pieces, leaving in its wake one true reality:



Hope Beel is the embodiment of beauty and grace blended so well with power and poise. With a smile capable of melting a million hearts and a physique that is created through will, hard work, and determination, she was able to capture the hearts of millions of people online that will forever remember her for being their very own personal fitness goals.

Photo by @victorozunna

Throughout her journey on social media, she’s always stayed true to herself, focused on getting stronger, healthier, and happier. With all of that hard work paying off, the results pretty much speak for themselves.

We absolutely adore her and cannot wait to see what she does next.

Photo by @victorozunna


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