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35 Healthy Soup Recipes – Healthy Seasonal Recipes


Here are 35 Healthy Soup Recipes to try this season! Serve for a nourishing family meal, meal prep on the weekend or freeze for lunches.

If you are like us, this time of year means cooking soups! So if you are in the mood for a steaming hot bowl of comfort, then this collection of healthy soup recipes will be your go-to list!

In addition to healthier versions of comfort food classics, I have also included some of our favorite vegan and clean eating soups too! There is something for everyone!

The best part of making soup is that you can freeze the leftovers in 1-quart containers. Which seems to be the perfect amount for lunches all winter long. Making soups is a great way to preserve the fall harvest.

Healthy Vegan Soup Recipes

Here are some of my favorite plant-based vegan soups for you to try this winter. They’re free from dairy or animal products. If you’re looking for a fantastic vegan broth, I recommend Imagine brand No Chicken. It has the best flavor. 

Hearty Beef and Chicken Soups

Making a meal of soup is easy as can be, and great for meal prep since they reheat so well. I love how hearty soup is with the addition of lean beef or chicken. Here are some of my favorites. Make sure to check out our guide to making homemade chicken stock here.

Slow Cooker Soups

Making soup in a slow cooker is about as easy as it gets. Let them simmer away all day, and come home to a home-cooked meal!

Chunky Soups

A hearty chunky soup is always a welcome addition to a cold day or night, especially to fill bellies after a day in the snow. I love loading up my soups with extra nourishing vegetables to make them filling and good for you! 

Pureed Healthy Soup 

There’s nothing quite like dipping a hunk of crusty bread into a silky smooth bowl of pureed soup. My family and I love all different kinds of pureed soups from cauliflower to kale! 

Side Dishes For Soup

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