31 Days of Global Flavors for National Nutrition Month: Day 7

All week, for National Nutrition Month, we have been speaking with nutrition experts on their favorite global flavors and ways to use them. Today we are chatting with Rosie Schwartz. 

Za’atar, an incredibly flavorful herb and spice mix, is my favorite global flavor. The combination of ingredients varies depending on its source, or who is making it. The basics, though, always remain the same and include various proportions of sesame seeds, sumac and herbs such as hyssop, thyme and oregano.

As it’s extremely versatile, I can use za’atar from morning till night. It brightens the taste of so many different dishes – from eggs or yogurt or labneh at breakfast to a grain bowl, whole grain flatbread or roasted vegetables, fish or chicken at lunch or dinner. Here’s my recipe for Greek Yogurt with Za’atar and Olive Oil. Because of its fabulous taste, it’s easy to use less salt in cooking. Plus the za’atar supplies a variety of antioxidants, to boot.

Recipe courtesy of Rosie Schwartz

 Za’atar originates from the Middle East and whenever I visit Israel, I look forward to sampling the various za’atar mixes from the country’s creative chefs. It’s a staple in the new plant-forward cuisine that has emerged right through the nation.

Rosie Schwartz, RD, FCP, Consulting Dietitian and Nutrition Writer/Communicator



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